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Tips for Selling Your Miami FL Home

Selling your Miami FL home can sometimes be a daunting task; however we are going to talk about a few ideas of how to make selling your home a little bit easier.     

  • for sale-soldOne way to make your home stand out when you put in on the market is to stage it.  By this I mean make it look like a model home by taking down your family photos and adding a few decorations to match whatever season it may be at the time. 
  • While your Realtor is showing your house, be sure to have a few candles lit and some relaxing music playing in the back ground for the potential buyer to enjoy.   Little things such as this will help to make a buyer much more at ease and to feel at home. 
  • Be sure to have the yard looking nice and neat when you have a potential buyer coming to tour your home.  If you have kids and they have toys or bikes in and around the yard, be sure to put them up where they will not be seen.  Keep in mind you want the potential buyer to be able to envision themselves living in the home and if there are too many reminders of you and your family they may have a hard time doing this. 
  • If you really want to make your potential buyer feel at home, leave a plate of warm cookies out for the showing.  Leave a little note out offering for the people touring your home to take one or two cookies and to enjoy them.  Your Realtor may have other ideas of what types of snacks you can leave out. 
  • Be sure to clean from top to bottom and to put away anything that may be lying around.  Do not leave laundry lying around.  Even clean laundry laying on the floor or bed can make a home look messy and uninviting.  Remember you want your potential buyer to feel calm and at ease when touring your home and we all know that laundry usually makes us feel anything but calm and at ease. 

Hopefully these tips will get you started in the right direction for selling your home without much hassle.  A good Realtor can go a long way towards selling your home but you can do your part to help out and make sure your home stands out above all the others.  You want your buyer to remember your house and it’s my guess if you make them feel comfortable and relaxed while there, they WILL be back!

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The Prestige Properties Team, part of the RE/MAX International Family, grew out of two women’s vision of bringing together over 30 years combined real estate experience, with their love of Miami FL and all of South Florida, into a business that is customer service focused.

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Ellen Mitchel and Agnes Gray built a team made up of high integrity, multinational, multilingual professionals who are passionate about their work. Their core principal is to provide clients with abundant real estate resources and value. Assisting buyers looking for Miami real estate for sale and aggressively marketing Miami Florida homes for sale.

With its unique blend of cultures, specialized knowledge and a commitment to excellence, the Prestige Properties Team possessing fluency in English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, French and some Italian, imparts a great sense of comfort and confidence to sellers, buyers and investors throughout the entire real estate process.

Ellen and Agnes’ ultimate goal is to create and maintain relationships that last a lifetime. They invite you to be partners with them in the exciting world of South Florida and Miami Florida Real Estate!

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