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Finding the Location I want to live in!

Okay, if you read my prior article about “location, location, location” then you are already one-step closer to now finding the location you want to actually live in!

Finding the location which you will find to be ideal is a typical problem for Buyers, especially first-time home buyers, not to mention their Agent, or Broker which they have hired to help them find that ideal location!

The reality is that in almost any neighborhood you can find a place which will fit your budget. 

The problem being, that place may only be a Studio Flat Condo, not that: 3 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom home with a 2 car garage, with a huge backyard, or whatever actually suits your needs!

So, how do you get started finding your ideal location?

Your first goal really should be finding that area / neighborhood which offers properties that meet your needs – at a price which you can afford.

Next, have your Agent or Broker search properties using your NEEDS List, you may be surprised as how many (or few) matches he or she will find in the MLS.

For Example:  Maybe you wanted Fremont, but can’t afford Fremont, however your Agent or Broker found some homes in Milpitas, Union City and Newark that will suit your needs and budget.

Next, maybe School District is important

Obviously everyone here in Fremont area wants to live within the Mission San Jose School District, but you cannot afford that area, well, if your kids are still in Elementary School, you can select an adjacent city like Union City which has some high scores for Elementary.

Or, select a good private school as an alternative to paying hundreds of thousands more, which unfortunately you currently can’t afford as a first-time home buyer.

Now that you have really narrowed it down to a few specific areas / neighborhoods, ask your Agent or Broker to provide a list of say 2 or 3 Open Houses in each area – this will give you a good perspective as to what you can expect to purchase, and also help keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Good luck, please let me know if this article has helped you by posting a comment below.   🙂

~ Eric

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