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Finding the Location I want to live in!

Okay, if you read my prior article about “location, location, location” then you are already one-step closer to now finding the location you want to actually live in! Finding the location which you will find to be ideal is a typical problem for Buyers, especially first-time home buyers, not to mention their Agent, or Broker […]

What’s Your “Location, Location, Location”….???

If you are looking for a new house, you are faced with the choice between a “perfect” home in a “bad” location – or a not-so “perfect” home in the ideal location…. Which should you choose? Real estate sales Agents and Brokers, if you have not already noticed, use the phrase: LOCATION…. LOCATION…. LOCATION!!! This […]

Wants vs. Needs – Will I know what I want as a First Time Home Buyer?

I have found the difference between a “looker” and a successful first-time home buyer is as simple as knowing what you WANT in your new house, and what you NEED in that house! This may sound simple, but having your ability to recognize what is most important to you, and compromise on the rest is […]