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House Hunting Tips

House Hunting Tips

If you are thinking about starting the search for a new home, here are some tips to keep in mind.

When you’re house hunting, focus on the things that will improve your quality of life.
There are so many factors that go into a home buying decision that it can make your head spin—especially if you’re in a competitive market where time is of the essence. The desire to purchase a property makes it easy to look past issues that could detract from your enjoyment of the home and cause some regrets down the road. That’s why when you’re weighing your options, quality of life should always be the top priority.

Location is part of lifestyle
Buyers often focus on “must haves” that can be added via renovation, but will downplay factors that are impossible to change. For instance, if you are looking for privacy, it may not make sense to purchase a home in a high-density community. Instead, maybe looking at a home backing to the national forest or a property that may be 10-15 minutes from Payson to get the privacy location that you truly desire.

On the other hand, if you want to walk to walk to the coffee shop or to go the movies, maybe the historic Payson area is perfect for you – you are within walking distance of Green Valley Park, Mogollon Moose, Sawmill Theater and other great amenities to have an “urban lifestyle” in a small town. It’s a cliche, but it’s true: Location, location, location.

Big homes aren’t for everyone
If you love entertaining friends and family, a big house makes perfect sense. You will have all the space you need to prepare meals and throw big parties, and your guests won’t have any trouble finding parking.

But a big home also means more cleaning and maintenance—more landscaping to maintain, more bathrooms to scrub, more things that will break and need fixing. Before you dive into an alluring big home, consider your tolerance and enthusiasm for the upkeep. For some, a smaller home or a professionally-maintained condo are better options.

Research shows most house hunters begin their search online, a good place to start is my website, www.AtTheRim.com where you can search all available listings in Rim Country and then contact my Team with any questions or to schedule a showing.

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