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Subject: Why you should use a real estate agent

My Dear First Time Buyer, If you are currently in the market for your first home, you may be curious as to how a Real Estate Agent can help you. You are about to be making an important decision for your future, a great investment of both money and time. I have a wealth of […]

Fannie Mae Offers First-Time Home Buyers Big Help With Closing Costs

Fannie Mae Offers First-Time Home Buyers Big Help With Closing Costs If you’re a first-time home buyer just entering the market, you’re in for a springtime treat: Fannie Mae will now pay your closing costs, up to 3% of the price of the home—provided you take the mortgage giant’s home-buyer counseling course first. The new HomePath Ready […]

Managing the Headaches of Detailed Legal Contracts and Complex Transactions

By Denise Lones Want to help prevent accidental and serious issues from impacting the success of your transactions? Here’s 8 tips to help you keep your i’s dotted, t’s crossed, and reduce those potential headaches caused by complex real estate transactions. Real estate transactions by nature can be very tricky. There are so many moving […]

Fix it or Leave it for the Buyer

    It is easier to sell a house that is attractive to potential buyers, which means that you spend a little time and money on cosmetics. This is partly just a matter of making sure it is clean, the yard is neat, the driveway is swept, bushes pruned, and so on. Easily-fixed structural defects, […]

Mortgage Rates Continue to Climb Upward

Daily Real Estate News |      Friday, June 07, 2013 For the fifth consecutive week, mortgage rates continued to rise, as the economy showed signs of strengthening. Concerns are growing that the Federal Reserve will soon slow its bond purchase program, which has been keeping rates near record lows for months, Freddie Mac reports in its […]

Be a Better Negotiator

Negotiating is something everyone does, but few do well. Here are four tips to help you negotiate better so you feel confident throughout the process and satisfied with the outcome. First:  be extraordinarily prepared. Know the other person’s needs as well as you know your own. Ask questions,  that uncover the individual’s true motivation such as “Why […]

The Importance of a Good Buyer’s Agent

Why Use a Broker?  –  The Importance of a Good Buyer’s Agent Today in  real estate market is notoriously complex and multi-faceted, with its own set of rules, options, players and conditions unlike any other place in the world. Using the services of a good broker is essential if you wish to effectively navigate the […]