Top Home Maintenance Things to Check This Spring

With spring around the corner it’s about time for cleaning and home maintenance. It’s important to know which areas of your home you should check in the spring to ensure your summer is full of fun and not full of work on your home. In addition, the right maintenance will help to keep your home in great shape year in and year out.

When it’s time to check certain areas of your home, you should consider the following first.


Clogged GuttersThe gutters should have been cleaned before the winter or you could have ended up with damage from leaves clogging them and the snow and ice of the winter. Make sure you check them again in the spring to ensure they are clear of debris. Clogged gutters can lead to many other issues, which won’t make you a happy homeowner.

Ignoring your gutters could lead to issues, such as cracks in your foundation or leaks in your basement. Water may puddle around areas of your foundation and cause damage because it wasn’t able to flow away from your home. Make sure you clear out any reside left from the snow and ice or any old leaves you missed in the fall.

Inspect your Roof

You don’t need a professional for this, but if you wanted to, you could hire someone to do a full roof inspection. If you do it yourself, you want to make sure you look for missing shingles, worn areas or other issues with your roof. Small issues can quickly become big problems, but if they are dealt with early, you may not need to put on a new roof.

Along with inspecting the outside of the roof, check the attic for water marks or any damage that could have been caused by a leak. This doesn’t need to be done monthly, but should be done two or three times a year, especially after the winter. When the snow and ice melts, you may find leaks much easier than during the dryer days of the summer.

Check all Smoke Detectors

Smoke DetectorBatteries wear out and sometimes smoke detectors stop working. When the spring rolls around, you should make sure to test all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s actually best to test them once a month.

The spring is also a good time to replace batteries. While we are used to replacing batteries in things when they stop working, smoke detectors should have their batteries replaces twice a year, at the very least. The last thing you need is a fire happening and a dead battery in one of your detectors.

Test the HVAC System

You don’t want to discover issues with your HVAC system during the hottest month of summer. During the spring, make sure you test it by cranking it up and checking to see if cool air is blowing. If not, get someone out to do a full check of your HVAC system and fix any issues found within the system.

The spring is a good time to replace any filters within your system, as well. You should also inspect vents and clean the dust off of them to ensure you have clean air in your home.

Inspect the Sump Pump

sump pumpIf you have a basement, you probably have a sump pump. When this pump goes out, it can lead to a flooded basement and plenty of damage. Don’t let this happen!

When spring rolls around, it’s a great time to test the sump pump and give it a good inspection. You want to replace it before it goes out, so make sure it’s working correctly. It’s also good to clear any debris out of the outside or inside of the pump.

The pump can be checked by unplugging it and plugging it back in. You can also pour some water into the hole where it’s located to make sure it turns on when the water level rises.

When inspecting these areas of your home, make sure you’re thorough. Any issues should be fixed immediately to ensure your home remains protected from the elements and other potential damages. If you’re not sure what to look for, you can hire a handyman or a specific service to come out and inspect these elements of your home. Some will even do it for free, if there’s a possibility you will hire them to fix any issues with your roof, sump pump, HVAC system or other elements of your home.

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