Cecelia Bell and The Home Team
Cecelia Bell


5 taylor51403

Ms.Cecelia Bell and Raynale Bell have become more than just our relators they become our friends, I have talked to Raynale just has much has I have talked to my husband during most days. They were very kind, understanding,helpful and to me honest. My husband and I were first time home buyers and and didnt have a clue has to were to start but they helped us all the way,from finding a great lender to contractors, to asking great questions in our best interst at the home inspection. I could call or text them early mornings or late hours and they would answer all of my questions. I can’t thank them enough. I have told friends and family about them and already some have called them. They were an AWSOME TEAM!!!!!! You won’t regret signing with Ms. Cecelia or Raynale and the Keller Williams team.

5 cmk50

Ms. Bell walked into my home, told me what she saw as the asking price, showed me comparables in the neighborhood on a Thursday. She placed the home on the market on Friday, a contract was on the home on Wednesday and I got just what she said. I was pleased with her expertise and knowledge of the industry, the community, and what was a fair price for my home. Then she had to find me a home where I could afford. She was willing to take me out to the Baltimore area on many occasions until I was pleased and felt safe and secure in a new community. There was a home that was perfect, but I wanted to get her judgment on the neighborhood, and because I am single, and we built a rapport, she did not feel comfortable and she was honestly concerned about my safety in that community. She did not give up and now I am closing on my new home within one week and I got what I wanted. She is a great negotiator and worked for me!!! She is very knowledgeable about real estate – its her passion.

5 harrisfml

Cecelia is very talented and is surrounded by a team that supports her. She was patient as we looked at several properties and responded immediately when we found the one that was right for us. She helped everyone in the transaction feel like they won!

5 fs carroll

Cecelia and Anika helped me with the short sale of my home. The offer came in immediately after being listed, which made me very excited. I was consistently kept informed during the process regarding what to expect next and requried documentation to make the short sale a success. Needless to say, the short sale was just that…a SUCCESS!

5 vincella06

The moment I spoke to Cecelia Bell I felt hopeful. Cecelia came to our first meeting completely prepared with information about my home, neighborhood and recent sales and purchases.. She certainly had done her research but Cecelia went above that when she offered some wonderful ideas on how to show my house at iits best. I received outstanding service from Cecelia. Every phone call was returned within minutes and every concern was addressed immediately. I have a small home but Cecelia made me feel like I was selling a mansion. I received my first offer within 3 days and 2 more offers followed a few days later. I accepted an offer 9 days after my house was placed on sale. I highly recommend Cecelia Bell as an excellent agent that goes above and beyond your expectations.

5 zuser20140613120428706

As a dual military couple and family we have bought a few homes, but by far this was the BEST purchasing experience we ever had. The Bell team was on point and responsive to all our needs and concerns. They come HIGHLY recommended. If you go elsewhere, you will miss out. —-Matt


Cecelia and Raynale Bell, the entire Home Team are amazing! We know they will get the job done for you! They totally delivered! They promised us that we would find our dream home at the price we wanted, and we got it! True professionals from day one! My husband and I are career Soldiers in the military with 4 children, and have little to no time during the week to visit properties. We were feeling overwhelmed with our search for the perfect home. We had a realtor but he wasn’t available to schedule appointments for home showings when we were available.

We decided we would start our own search; that is when we met Raynale. She was the listing agent for one of the properties that we inquired about. She was courteous, confident, and extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and the area of our home search. More importantly she was available, and made it a point to show us property we wanted to see at times convenient to us. Through Raynale we met Cecelia, the team leader, truly a dynamic woman! She took us through the process and made sure we were comfortable every step of the way. They went above and beyond at making themselves available; they even took our calls late at night to discuss issues about potential properties.

When we made an offer on our property, the packet was put together flawlessly. Everything was done electronically; being dual military this made signing documents a breeze. Although ours was not the only offer submitted on the house, it was the first and complete! Then, just when we feared a bidding war might cause us to lose the house of our dreams, the Home Team came through for us again! We got our home for the price we wanted. How awesome is that! We love these ladies! They did exactly what they said they would do and so much more! If you are looking to buy or sell a home, contact the Home Team! They will get it done for you! Cecelia, Raynale, and to the entire Home Team, words can’t describe how grateful we are. We love the house! — Doris

5 florenced4my3

Cecelia pulled through for us during the sale of our home. She communicated, provided much information, and was transparent throughout the whole process. Her positive spirit, and honesty about her own life made us feel that she cared and wanted success for us. fd

5 user15660324

Cecelia was very knowledgeable and had a contract on my house within 48 hours. I utilized Cecelia’s knowledge to guide me through the whole process so I would sell my house as quick as possible.

5 msshelbyd

Hats off to Cecelia and the home team!!! I just purchased a home and things were going pretty smoothly up until the final 24 hours prior to closing. With things up in the air at the final hour, I still had found peace in knowing I had a realtor who has my best interest at heart and who fought hard on my behalf. Words can’t express the gratitude I have for Cecelia and the Home Team: Raynale – you’re the best!!!, Grace: Thank you!!!, and Cecelia: You are amazing!!!

5 kendra turner

Cecelia Ball made a promise that my home would sell in 30 days and she kept that promise.

She was very attentive to my needs. If you want professional service I would recommend Cecelia to help you sell or look for your new home.

5 dkozel 44

My husband and I recently worked with Kathy Williams as our realtor for the sale of our home. She was excellent in her knowledge, reaching out to other interested parties and working tirelessly. I could not have asked for a better experience than we had with Kathy. She was with us for the whole process, even if it meant late nights. I would highly recommend Kathy and if we buy or sell any property I wouldn’t use anyone else but Kathy.

5 Tiffwill01

Cecelia Bell and her home team are THE BEST. I didn’t just meet a realtor, I felt like a met a professional friend that advocates fir you. I had a very rare case in purchasing a short sale through a homebuying program and dealt with challenges with the sellers and she made sure got to the end if it. She is a veteran in this game and has a wealth of knowledge and techniques to get the deal closed in the best intetest of the client.

5 janicekent7k7

Cecelia Bell contacted me by phone about my property in Fort Washington. There were something about her voice that made me trust her with my biggest problem (selling my house). I knew it would take a special person to stick with this difficult task. I had very good tenants, but they didn’t want to commit to buying the property. Cecelia with her expertise convince them to buy and me to do a short sale. I will be in debt with Cecelia and Home Team for the rest of my life, for the expert work they displayed during this six month process, I will be forever grateful. Every step and/or action was explained in detail, I appreciate her honest, patience, time and generosity. She never left me hanging always stayed in touch call, email, fax, etc. Thank you so much.

5 wallysah

Cecelia Bell was very professional in her dealings with us in the sale of a house in Clinton, MD. We live in KY & most of our dealings were handled by emails & phone. She kept us in the loop of what was going on at all times & was always available to answer any questions–no matter when be it late in the day or on weekends. She was & is very personable & kind and went out of her way to get this house sold. Her motto is “Everything I touch turns to Sold” & in our case it was true. Edgar

5 barbara horne57

I was about to walk away from my home because I could not afford the mortgage payments. Celcelia Bell and her Team came in and told me that I did not have to lose my home. She put my home up for sale as it was and it was sold in less that a month. Her team showed me several rentals and helped me get in a nice rental townhouse. Cecelia Bell and her team are very very good at what they do. They lifted my spirits and made me feel at ease that I would not lose my home. I thank them ever minute of every day.

5 surlee25

My Real Estate Professional Cecelia Bell was very impressive upon our first conversation; she immediately addressed my concerns while educating me in the process. What particularly impressed me about Ms. Bell was her access to an extensive pool of business knowledge and her keen understanding of her clients’ needs. Her strong leadership and commitment to excellence deserve the highest praise.

I recommend Cecelia Bell and The Home Team to anyone who desires prompt, courteous service and the business expertise for all their real estate needs.

5 browngirls37

Cee Cee is an incredible person to have as my realtor. Professional at the start of business, you will know what she will do, will not do, to insure that you are totally satisfied in your real estate transactions. She put a short sale plan in place for me that better serviced my need as opposed to the foreclosure I was going to allow to happen. Cee Cee focus more on the interest of her clients then the needs of herself. I truly respect the fiduciary relationship we have. Thanks Cee Cee

5 heholmessr

Cecelia is a great person and an excellent agent to work with. The team was very responsive to my needs and extremely knowledgeable of the real estate industry. She clearly explained what needed to be done to get the house sold and by following her instructions we had a buyer in 30 days with a very acceptable price. My situation was unusual with others involved but Cecelia worked very well within those conditions. I highly recommend Cecelia and her team. Thanks Home Team

5 toosweet5525

Ms. Bell and her team went above and beyond for me as a first time homebuyer. They made the experience as smooth as can be with their professionalism that was only surmounted by their expertise. From the beginning stages of searching to the final stages of closing they had my best interest at heart. Everyone was by my side to answer my questions and helped me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Cecelia Bell & The Home Team. “Everything they touch turns to $old”

5 paul f lewis


5 malaika perkins

Outstanding Agent and Excellent Service I meet Cecelia Bell during a rough time and without her I would have walked away from my property. Cecelia stepped in and advised me of what needed to be done and made it happen. I didn’t think it was possible with the obstacles that were encountered, but with her experience and knowledge everything went smoothly. She worked hard to assure my property with to closing and everything that she promised came true. Her COMPASSION, COMMITMENT AND DEDICATION to her clients is above and beyond. She is definitely an agent that you can trust and depend on to get the job done !!!!!! Highly Recommended

5 aryian1

Cecelia Bell and her team are absolutely awesome! Cecelia and I met shortly after I moved to Charles County 7 years ago. She initially helped me secure several rental properties as I was new to the area and not quite ready to purchase. Once I’d settled in and was ready to buy my first home in Maryland, I simply sent her an email stating “I’m ready!” A member of her team, Raynale, contacted us, listened to our requests for our home and shortly after that conversation, scheduled several showings for my husband and I. We literally found our home on our second time out. We told her about the neighborhood that we had had our eye on for years but weren’t sure if we could afford. Raynale found 3 homes basically in our price range and showed them to us on the same day. We walked into our dream home that day!! Now, I wish I could say the rest was easy but we were met with, let’s just say some challenges with the owner’s agent. DRAMA! What I liked most about Cecelia and her team was they always had our interest at heart. Cecelia fought for us and stood up for us. She refused to let the other guys take advantage of us. After weeks of discussion, we were finally able to close on our new home. We are so grateful for Cecelia and Raynale. You can’t go wrong with these two!

5 aambard0

I’m a first-time home buyer so I had a lot of questions. My home buying experience was long and challenging due to many unforeseen circumstances, but the Ceceila Bell & The Home Team especially Raynale Bell were with me every step of the way. Raynale went above and beyond and walked through each milestone step-by-step to get me and my family into a home we would love (and I’m very picky). I’m so thankful for her patience, knowledge and drive. I would definitely recommend Cecelia Bell & The Home Team.

5 zuser20140802170444588

My husband I and are more then thrilled to have work with Raynale. We are relocating from Southern California to Maryland. We had a short-term, long-distance relationship weeks prior, before my husband fly-out to look at properties. Her dedication and willingness to help assist was beyond amazing. She made a point to nail details of our wants and needs. All properties where in great neighbors, communities and she still had patience even when I rejected more then half(I am picky as hell). Not once was she pushing any sale! By the second day of showing, she nailed it, and was able to find us our dream home! Highly recommend working Raynale!!! She was able to find our dream home just in 2days of viewings. Thanks Raynale and the best of luck to you! Many thanks and blessings!!! -The Raaj Family

5 petersonc19

We sold a single family home in Upper Marlboro, MD. We simply cannot imagine a more difficult set of circumstances related to the sale of our home, nor can I even list the number of moments where we wanted to give up hope that we would EVER reach settlement. And every step of the way, Cecelia was there providing expert advice, coordinating, encouraging, fact finding, advocating and working on our behalf. She is a TOP NOTCH real estate professional — an expert at what she does and completely dedicated to her clients. The utmost professional, Ceceila wants to get the job done and done right. She was able to attract several interested an qualified sellers to our property, review their qualifications to determine the most appropriate one and then persevere through a lengthy negotiation process with our lenders to reach the final sale. All the while, she kept us informed every step of the way and calmed our nerves about the process. In addition, Cecelia is truly a beautiful human being — she cares with her whole heart and she wants to help her clients fulfill their hopes and dreams. She never let us down! She promised us we would reach the end, and we did. We are ever so grateful to amazing Cecelia!

5 aliciaanderson8

Cecelia saved the day and me a lot of money! After having a number of contracts fall through due to lack of follow up (other realtor) I was at the end of my rope and considering taking my house off the market. I did some research to find a realtor that would get the job done. Cecelia had excellent reviews so I decided to give her a call. My initial impression was that she had high energy and was very professional. We met a couple hours later. To make a long story short, two weeks later I closed on two properties. She was everything that she presented herself to be. She is a straight shooter which I really respect and appreciate. I would recommend Cecelia to anyone who wants the job done right the first time.

5 zuser20141113121928448

My experience with Ms. Raynele Bell was amazing! I don’t think the process could have been any smoother. Ms Bell communicated every detail with me immediately. I was never left in limbo. I felt so comfortable. Not only was Ms. Bell efficient but compassionate, consistent, and confident. I felt safe was with my future in her hands. The service received was again amazing. I initially phoned Ms. Cecelia Bell, she listened, and started to make arrangements immediately! WIthin 2 hours Ms. Cecelia Bell assigned team member Ms Raynele to assist me and I had homes waiting in my email for my review! I would highly recommend Cecelia Bell and the Home Team. Their professionalism is top notch!

5 zuser20150813120548321

They are the absolute best they put your needs first and they are there every step of the process from beginning to the end. I was so lucky and blessed to have work with them.. Not to mention after our move in she was still assisting us with getting everything set up. Thanks again!!!

5 jbprogrammer

Went the extra miles to handle everything. Was very professional and would gladly recommend her to other. Was a pleasure doing business with her. She is very thoughtful and pays attention to client needs and want which was very important to me.

5 tinamarie harrison

I can’t say enough about how AMAZING Cecelia Bell was to work with!!! I was the Buyer on this transaction and there were a number issues with the Seller that were far beyond her control, but she took on EVERY challenge and navigated every obstacle as it were her own!! My family and I were anxiously awaiting closing that was a bit delayed, but Cecelia was there every step of the way fighting on my behalf–and she wasn’t even MY agent–to assure me that she was willing to do everything and anything to get this deal closed–AND SHE DID!!!! I can’t thank her enough for how amazing and professional she remained throughout this process and I feel like I was blessed with an angel to fight my battles and she kept me encouraged!!

5 sheila johnson4

I’m an 81 years old and Cecelia Bell & The Home Team helped me to become a Home Owner. Ms. Bell & The Home Team was accurate, respectful and always on time. I appreciate Her & The Home Team and I thank God that Ms. Bell met my Daughter at the Farmers Market, because now I have House.

5 Almaromans828

I came in contact with Ms.Cecelia in 2014 when she came for the walk through of my friend’s home in Bowie,Md before it went on market.(It sold in 3 days). I felt that she was a “get it done” person and I told her that when I wanted to sell my home I would contact her .We contacted Ms Cecelia in summer of 2015,she appraised our home and gave pointers of what needed to be done to sell it. Then she gave us her arsenal list of ” get it done ” workers to help us. We could call her at any time and she responded quickly. She followed up with the suggestions and the workmanship. She exhibits the team spirit of walking with you to accomplish a successful experience. “We are Team Hairston “and we got it done under the leadership of Ms. Cecelia. I have given her name as a reference to many people. She loves what she does and that gives positive results. We sold our home in 45 days!!!!

5 DonBolduc

She took charge from day one. She is a proactive real estate agent. She is knowledgable and always easy to contact! Sold my home quickly and at a great price.

5 stanmaccc

Ms. Bell and her team was just what the Dr. ordered. I could have not had a better real estate professional in my corner than Ms. Bell. When I met her for the first time she told me exactly what was going to happen. She stated that it was not going to be easy, but when it is over my home will be sold. I felt very confident that she could get it done. After our first visit she left me with an assurance that I did not have to worry about anything….and I didn’t. At the end of the journey I was very, very please with the outcome and her professionalism. I strongly recommend her for any real estate issues or concerns.

5 user38831808

Cecelia not only helped my husband and I find the perfect house but a home!!! Cecelia was very patient, understanding, caring, compassionate, kindhearted, & empathetic to our needs. She took time to learn both of our needs, wants, desires (even though some were farfetched), concerns, & budget. With that information we were shown homes that were compatible, while showing us the importance of compromise. We now own a brand new home that fits us both perfectly.

Taneshea G. & Otis R. Lincoln

5 user4027406

I have worked with Cecelia with selling my personal residence and investment home. I was so impressed with her passion and dedication to me and my transaction, I have referred her to several friends and family.

Cecelia has knowledge of the Prince George’s County and Charles County. She also has a network of professionals that have been called on at the appropriate time.

That’s a trait of a real professional. Time management is key and knowing when to call on outside assistance is key.

I would recommend Cecelia to anyone who would like to buy or sell real estate in Prince George’s County and Charles County Maryland.

5 user8072345

After 2.5 years of searching Cecelia helped me find my dream home. She was very patient and stuck with me through my ups and downs. Cecelia knows her stuff and I’m truly grateful for her. I don’t just consider her a RE Agent, but I also consider her to be a friend. She’s the best!

5 user5635689

I absolutely love Cecelia Bell. I worked with a realtor previously and was not satisfied with her services. I met Cecelia and from day one she stayed on top of everything, she is definitely the truth!!! I gave her a list of must haves and my expected budget and she mad it happen. Within two weeks, if not less, she had found me the perfect home. It was everything that I wanted and I love it completely. She was only a phone call away every step of the way. I am so thankful to have had such an amazing experience with her.

5 LisaMizell3

Throughout our journey to finding our dream home, you were always by our side or just a phone call away (and there were MANY). I never imagined meeting such a patient and caring individual; you were there to answer all our question day or night. We had certain expectations in a home, which at times felt like we were attempting the impossible, but you not only listened to each request, you managed to find us our dream home! You always took the time to call us, kept us in the loop, and updated us on every step of the process! It has truly been a pleasure working with a knowledgeable, compassionate, and tolerant person such as yourself.

We will not only be references for life, but also friends. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Cecelia Bell, my new friend.

5 Jnathan Neal

Man! What a good realtor! Ms. Bell is the very best that Maryland or any state has to offer. Ms. Bell is on point and knows her job and does it better than anyone. If you are looking to buy a home please give Ms. Bell a call and you will not be disappointed. Ms. Bell will be my realtor forever! My family and I are loving our new home! I love you Ms. Bell.

5 ethel brown911

I have known Ms. Cecelia Bell for years. She is the most dependable, knowledgable, caring about how she help people. She helped me and my husband buy our first house when we were very doubtful about doing so. I would refer Ms. Bell to anyone because she walked us from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much Ms. Bell for helping us trust you enough to help us. She should happiness for us as she would herself. The Brown family thank Ms. Bell for helping us own our own home that we truly Love..

5 HarrisKelvin

Cecelia Bell is very patient and worked hard to find a home that I truly love. She constantly stayed in contact with me throughout my home search and always provided a quick and detailed response on homes that I was interested viewing. Her negoitiation skills and knowledge of the real estate market is excellent which helped me to save money on a quick delivery home that I purchased in August 2012. I would highly recommend her as a professional real estate agent!

5 iscbrowne

I had an excellent experience with Cecelia. I did not have a very large budget,but Cecelia treated as if I was her priority. She cared just as much as I did, about my comfort, affordability, and made sure I was not getting swindled. I have recommended her to my friends and I will continue to do so.

5 mcs4964

With out her help My only option was foreclosure which I did want. With her help I am clear of any debt. She did everything. I would offer her services to anyone who would ask me about a real estate professional. A true super star in her profession. She didn’t just hold my hand during the process she carried me thru to the end.

5 sewareitc

Ms. Cecelia Bell and her team deserve FIVE STARS for the service provided to me during the shortsale of my home. They were very curtous and professional. I was kept abreast of the status of the sale at all times. She ensured that I was advised of what my options were during and throughout the process, so that I could make informed decisions. The house sold quickly and I was also provided with funds to assist with moving expenses. She assisted me and my family with finding rental property to move to. I am very happy that Ms Bell lead the effort for me and my family. I would definitely recommend her and intend to utilize her services again in the future. Thank you Ms. Bell!

5 mskellycampbell

Cecelia is TOPS in her field and the best in the business. There are realtors and there are REALTORS and Cecelia stands out from the rest with her energy, experience and passion for service. You can’t go wrong with her team!

5 memyselfandkani

One word describes Cecelia Bell, the BEST!! I was looking for a rental in the Waldorf area & I contacted Cecelia for her expertise. She had recently found a home for my cousin & her husband so I trusted she could help me. Help me is exactly what she did, within a day of contacting Cecelia I was out looking at properties. Her enthusiastic personality has a way with people, especially homeowners and agents. The first home I visited was the home I wanted. Cecelia put together a well organized application packet and I received a phone call from the agent within 2 days, it was a GO!! I moved in and Cecelia kept in touch throughout my tenor at the property. She’ll definitely be my contact person when I buy my 1st home!! GO CECELIA!!

5 DanielleFountaine

It was love at first sight. After looking at several houses Cecelia showed my husband and I our current home. Based on the listing price and the quality of the house we were in for some competition; Cecelia helped turn our dream house into a home. I felt really good knowing that she had our best interest in mind.

5 Irisblue97

One word describes Cecelia Bell, the BEST!! She help us find the home of our dreams that is exactly what she did, within a day of contacting Cecelia. We was out looking at properties. Her enthusiastic personality has a way with people, especially homeowners and agents. Cecelia was very patient with us when looking for our dream home. And when we found our dream home it was a GO!! We moved in and Cecelia kept in touch throughout our tenor at the property. She’ll definitely be my contact person when we bought our 1st home!! Cecelia you are simply the BEST!!!!

5 lorettamrshll

I meet Cecelia Bell while at a first time homebuyers seminar, her presentation was amazing and my husband and myself agreed we had to work with her. Cecelia customer service skills are wonderful she listened to everything we asked for when searching for our home. She was always professional, energetic and patient with us. I have and will continue to recommend anyone looking for a home to my realtor Ms. Cecelia Bell.

5 shelliemonroe

Cecelia Bell gets the job done! She assisted me with my first home purchase (a short sale). There were times when I became frustrated with the process, but she offered words of encouragement and helped me remain focused on the prize — my new home! She never grew tired of my questions (if she did, she didn’t show it) and patiently helped me through the process.

The appraiser wanted a few items resolved before she would sign off on the paperwork. I didn’t have any handyman contacts, but Cecelia did and she coordinated with them to get the job done. I was able to settle on schedule.

Cecelia is a no-nonsense, take care of business realtor who gets the job done. I would definitely use her services again.

5 pjhartley3

When we hired Cecelia to help us purchase a home we found her to be one who is willing to go above and beyond in achieving that goal. From the very beginning she was prompt and reliable.She helped us to get the job done-something she is very good at. And we believe, at least in part, it’s because she “cared” in helping us find our home.

5 tredad

Cecelia is a true professional that gives it 100% and will go above and beyond. Cecelia did not represent me directly, but she provided her services after the sell and accomplished and stood for what was right. She does care and will sacrifice for the person…not just the client. Helpful and a wonderful representative of the Keller Williams team.

5 tiffanyhall slp

Cecelia Bell and Raynale Bell were confident, professional, and excellent real estate agents. They represented me directly and did a superb job with getting me the home I wanted. They found a home within my budget, within the area I wanted, and with all my list of demands. They walked me through the process, since I was a first home buyer. They made sure I was comfortable with the purchase and was patient with me during the entire process. They helped me find a lender. The lender they found me was excellent and got the job done in an efficient manner. They responded quickly to any questions I had and immediately returned phone calls. The negotiated the deal I wanted. I am very impressed with their skills and competence. They even did follow-up after the purchase to make sure I was comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!!! Do not think twice about going with these agents. They absolutely get the job done.

5 bsbiddle

Cecelia Bell is the consummate Real Estate Professional! She and her Home Team go beyond the call of duty to ensure that their clients are well-served. We had to release a home through a short-sale — a house that we owned for 19 years. They guided every step of the way through the painful process. They weathered all the storms and overcame numerous obstacles to get our house sold. We are free of that debt because of their compassion, professionalism and expertise and their perseverance! BSB and SRB, Washington, DC

5 jeff6933

Cecelia and her team did an outstanding job on a complex transaction. She helped with a cash in lieu of FC negotations with the borrower and then quickly go the home ready for sale and sold it within a matter of weeks. We highly recommend using Cecelia and her team.

5 abooth56

Cecelia Bell is knowledgeable, caring and thorough. She offered guidance through every step of the process. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially first time buyer or seller.

5 quinnmonroe

I worked with Raynale during my home search for almost three years. Over the past three years there were many ups and downs and disappointments, but Raynale never gave up on finding me my dream home (even when i did). Her patience, character, strength, compassion and love for her clients is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I know this experience would not have been the same if I did not work with Raynale. I am in the perfect place for me and I’m grateful Raynale helped me get here. There is no doubt whether I buy or sell I will DEFINITELY be using Raynale again.

5 zuser20140702103200612

This team of realtors are amazing. Choosing them as agents will be the best decision you’ve ever made. They listened to what I wanted, showed me several houses until I found the one for me and treated me as if I was their only client. They educate you and walk you though the entire process. Their professionalism is impeccable. My agent Rsynale drove me to closing. I’ve bought house before but this was truly an experience. I would refer them to anyone in the market of buying a home. They will work to get you what you want and deserve.

5 carmiejones

Working with Cecelia Bell was a God-gift and divine intervention. I had lived in my home for 28 years and felt overwhelmed by the thought of preparing to move. Yes, I wanted to move and needed to move. I am a missionary in the transition and preparatory steps to leave the country. Cecelia Bell was simply amazing in how she came along side me offering direction and wisdom. She knows the business and handles her business. She is grace under pressure in negotiations and kindness personified when her client is on the “I’m overwhelmed and I can’t ledge”. She provides clear directions, she follows up and shows up when you need her. You know you’re a member on the “team” when Cecelia is your realtor!

5 user88161153

Absolutely phenomenal! Cecelia & The Home Team made my buying and selling experience a positive and simple process. Both Cecelia and Raynale Bell are professional and meticulous about every aspect of the sale. These ladies are very knowledgeable and go the extra mile to make the client the priority. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home.

5 zuser20160629072055072

Ms. Bell provided me with exceptional services with selling my home as well as purchasing a new one. Each time I started stressing about issues, she kept reassuring me that everything would be ok and everything was. I was happy that I chose her to work with.

5 Darktee

I was looking to sell my home in a short time frame but not to compromise on the sell price. Ms Bell was up to the task and things worked out very well for everyone. She exemplifies those characteristics that an outstanding realtor should possess. She is passionate as she works side by side to be sure the needs of her clients are met. She is knowledgable from beginning to end with the home process making the job of the client less stressful. I’d recommend Ms. Bell selling a home in Maryland.

5 ghunterhi

Cecelia is a kind, helpful and caring real estate agent. I will definitely refer her to family and friends. She have always kept me informed of what was going on with the selling of my condo. I appreciate all of her efforts in making sure all transactions went smooth.

5 thomas jones4

Conducting real estate transactions remotely from out-of-state can prove daunting, but Ms. Cecelia Bell and here team of professionals made it much less burdensome. Ms. Bell was referred to me because of her expertise in the local market, so I assigned her the difficult task of selling my (not so cut and dry) rental property located in Prince Georges County Maryland. Being a disabled veteran, now residing in Tampa, FL, probably created the need to provide me with more assistance than her usual clients. Nonetheless, Cecelia performed flawlessly and was amazing every step of the way! Initially the house was occupied by tenants who had stopped paying rent for months and refused to vacate the premises, Ms. Bell was very familiar with this sort of situation and was instrumental in finding a workable solution for both me and the tenants. Once those initial matters were settled, she found a buyer and secured a full offer on my property within 2 days of listing. However, there were several unforeseen issues involving the title, mortgages and the home owner’s association, which delayed closing and almost ruined the sale. During that ordeal, Ms. Bell was patient, persistent and professional as she kept the buyer’s agent engaged while she took care of all the necessary details to complete the sale. Cecelia was very hands-on from the beginning to the end, she provided expert advice, helpful tips and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. What I appreciated most about working with her was her positive attitude, strong sense of integrity and attention to detail. Cecelia Bell is excellent in every area of real estate, she’s very personable and truly enjoys working with people to help them find solutions. I highly recommend her.

5 paulaneely 2

It was a pleasure to work with these two beautiful women Cecelia and Raynale Bell as my realtors. I was so excited because I am a first time homebuyer. When I first meet Cecelia she was so energetic and ready to work for you. She’s very much a firecracker and does not mind being straightforward and telling you like it is lol. They both have been so very patience with me. I have been so frustrated from looking at houses for over a year and putting in offers that was not accepted. I almost gave up with doing this whole process. I only had my mind set on looking at 3 story single family homes with a big backyard, and I didn’t want to settle for nothing less. They said maybe you need to look at townhouses or some else that is in your price range. However, I just could seem to go that route because this was not a starter home for me. I got to point where I told Raynale I would see about building my house from ground up since I cannot seem to find anything I like. Even though they do not deal with that process. Raynale was still helpful with giving me resources if I wanted to build my house, and told me she would still send me a listing of homes. Eventually I did seem to luck up on the house I purchased, from a listing they sent to me. Needless to say, I didn’t build my house. However, I got a house with great “bones” and with mostly all the things that I wanted in a home. So what I’m saying is even if you get discourage or don’t know which way to turn. Cecelia and Raynale will fight for their clients, give their advice, and help you with anything that you need help with. They will not give up on you, and they are with you through the beginning to the end. I truly like to thank them for all that they had done for me. I definitely would recommend others hiring them as their realtors.

5 treg81

Cecelia Bell, did a great job getting our old house on the market quickly. We had multiple offers within the first few days of listing. She also did a great job getting us into our new home. As a fellow veteran and my family and I highly recommend working with this Veteran as she professional, extremely competent and efficient.

5 zuser20170103053522116

Cecelia, my husband and I would like to express our deepest appreciation to you, Raynelle and The Home Team for your part in making buying and selling our home such a success. The dedicated, respectful, courteous and professional manner in which you facilitated the entire process is commendable and made our experience a very positive and memorable one. Cecelia is very knowledgeable of the real estate industry and clearly explain all the questions and concerns we had. She stayed in touch, through emails, phone calls and text messages and kept us informed and updated on all pertinent information. We receive an offer on our townhouse the next day after Cecelia listed it on the market. We sold our townhouse during the second week on the market. Cecelia also help us purchase the home we currently lived in. She provided her honest advice in our negotiations with the builder, which we appreciate. Thank you, Cecelia and The Home Team, we highly recommend you. The Henry’s

5 user60068793

Working with Raynale was such an amazing experience. She listened to what I really wanted and kept me grounded when things didn’t always go as expected with foreclosure bidding. At one point I stopped researching homes and put 100% of my trust in her hands and she found the perfect starter home for me. As a first time home buyer, this process was nerve-racking and she made it so enjoyable! I have referred everyone to Raynale – she is absolutely AMAZING! If you want to love your home and the home buying process…contact Cecelia Bell & The Home Team!!!!

5 kwamdukes

Ms. Bell provided good service. I felt that she really tried to advocate for me in my unique situation. The mortgage company sent out assessor that was at my home for only 4 minutes which made my home way more than what it is worth. Ms. Bell sent comps on what homes was going for in my area but the mortgage company did not honor it. Ms. Bell informed the mortgage on how it was not fair to me and was not putting me in position for me to sell my home.

5 kanisha2

Cecelia was wonderful to work with as we navigated a short sell. She helped us understand the process, gave great recommendations to help us have the home show-ready, checked in frequently, and remained upbeat and positive throughout the process. Cecelia is extremely knowledgeable and takes time to ensure that everyone understands what’s needed and what will happen next every step of the way in order to get the deal done. She is true professional and a joy to work with! She and Raynale Bell were also fantastic about helping us find a fantastic rental property that we love. When we are ready to buy again, we will seek the services of Cecelia Bell and the Home Team.

5 hue sue

This is the second home Cecilia and her team sold for me. This was a much difficult sale being a short-sale but Cecilia’s knowledge and expertise got the house sold. She has the connections with the right people that knows the real estate industry. Any other Agent would have given up on this sale but not Cecilia. She hung in there and pushed this sale through to the end.

4 MelaniePendarvis

Ray and Cecelia are awesome! They took their time and helped me find the perfect house! I did not know what to except but they were very honest and knowledge about home buying. I am going to use them when I purchase my next home.

4 acolding

Who you going to call? Ms Cecelia Bell & the Home Team. We were down and out….with me being the sole provider – unemployed for nearly 2 years and many months behind in mortgage payments. I became desponded, the lender would not help, we became a victim of fraudulent Lending, put out monies to a company for assistance to find out later that we had been scam. Finally in Sept. 2015 I landed a job with sustainable pay, but still having some resistance from the lender for loan modification. 1 month later I saw this booth at the Farmer Market in Upper Marlboro, MD. I saw her display and read the flyer and decided to give her a call. She was on time, very knowledgeable and we put her negotiation skills to work. We went from a Short Sale (that fell through) to finally getting approved for HARP Loan Modification in 4 months later. We are truly Grateful with have much Respect for all Ms Bell said she would do and have done. God Bless her and the Home Team! – The “C” Family 2016

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