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Chris Bird Group
It's the Experience.

Client Testimonials

“Chris, We Love You!”
Mr. and Mrs. Butler

“Excellence on all levels! You were great to work with.”
Ms. Gerakaris

“Your interpersonal skills, patience and attention to detail are extraordinary.”
Mr. and Mrs. Kollm

“Best overall experience we have ever had! We have purchased and sold at least 12 properties over the last 25 years — Nothing compares.”
Mr. and Mrs. Kidd

“You were unbelievable as our realtor. We were so lucky to have you! We will recommend you always!”
Mr. and Mrs. Gianos

“Wonderful job Chris! Great working with you and you will have my business in the future!!”
Ms. Sands

“We have worked with dozens of agents over the years. Chris is clearly our favorite.”
Mr. and Mrs. Lee

“You are the BEST! We have only good things to say and we appreciate everything you did!”
Mr. and Mrs. Sarvis

“We could not have been more pleased with your service. You were on top of every- thing — the best I’ve experienced over a large number of real estate transactions. We are happy to recommend you to others. “
Mr. and Mrs. Lord

“We loved working with you Chris. It was an honor to work with a professional. “
Mr. and Mrs. Knause

“We really appreciate all of your help before, during and after. You’ve been GREAT!”
Mr. Sweezey and Ms. Franklin

“Keep up your ‘communications.’ They set you apart from other agents!”
Mr. and Mrs. Flynn

“You are the BEST realtor we have EVER worked with!!”
Mr. and Mrs. Kelley