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Dianne Meyer

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

If your home had a building permit issued prior to 1978, you must provide a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure at the time of the offer for the Buyer to sign.

In short, you as the Seller cannot sign and accept a contract BEFORE you have provided and received back from the signed Lead-Based Paint Disclosure from the Buyer. If the form is provided, signed or returned to you AFTER you have the signed the sales contract, the contract is void.

What this means is that a legal out is created for either the Buyer or Seller to void a contract and the Buyer would be entitled to a return of the earnest money.

The rules are very strict on this and can result in as much as a $50,000 fine if not provided and at the time of the offer. Our real estate commission website has the forms needed for selling a home.

This is if you are using the state approved contract but I encourage you to follow the same guidelines for for any contract being used.