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Dianne Meyer

MLS Listing

I just want to make you aware of a few things with your MLS listing.  A lot of the items listed are drawn from pull down menu selections.  For example, you can select solid surface counter tops by not identify what kind.  You can select a range but not specify electric or gas.  The pull down choices are not that defined.  You can define the features more in detail in the remarks section.

Once I have completed the MLS listing, there is no way for me to email you the listing in the format the agents sees until it is made active in the MLS.  I can print it, scan it and email it to you before making it Active.  I can also email you a link to see the MLS listing online once it is active but this not the format in which the agents see your listing which has more detail for the agents. I will check with you before making it active to see how you would like to see the listing to review it before I make it active in the MLS.