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Dianne Meyer

Open Houses

Open houses are not something that I do for several reasons.  The first being, I am a discount Broker and maintain quite a few listings compared to other agents.  I can’t possibly commit to doing open houses for everyone. Plus, they are not as safe as they once were. Open houses really need to be conducted by at least two people in order to maintain a degree of safety.

Second and foremost, they rarely, if ever, produce a Buyer for the home that is having the open house.  Statistically, only 1% of all Buyers come from an one house they attended. Open houses are generally a only benefit to the Agent because they may, occasionally, pick up a Buyer to begin showing other homes to if there is no interest in the open house home.

I have spent time and a lot of money testing what it takes to get potential Buyers to attend an open house.  I have advertised the home on the front cover of The Real Estate Book with a half page ad inside advertising the upcoming open house in advance, posted it to all the maim websites and my social media pages and the results are no different than just throwing up some signs.

The reason, I believe, is that open houses and flyer boxes are a thing of the past.  Practically everyone now has access to computers and smart phones to pull up listings anytime.  They don’t need to drive neighborhoods to find homes for sale. Zillow and has taken this need away.

However, I do have new Agents or teams contact me often to sit a listing of mine and if that happens, I will certainly let you know or if you feel strongly about the need to conduct open houses, I can put out a request on my social media pages for someone to conduct an open house.