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Dianne Meyer


When I set up your listing with my showing service, I always set it up for you to receive a Request for a Showing that you will approve or not.  Once approved, the showing service will send out another email or text indicating the showing has been confirmed.  You will receive a phone call, email, text or all depending on how you would like to be notified.

For the most part, Agents will adhere to the showing instructions provided by the Seller.  However, you can expect a few agents who will still ask the showing service to inquire if they can show the home outside the showing instructions or on short notice. This is mainly because Buyers are insistent on seeing a home when it’s convenient for them. As a Buyer’s Agent, you will want to at least inquire if this is possible so they can return an answer to their Buyers.  It will be your decision on whether you want to grant a showing or not outside your designated times.

In the case of a second showing whereby a Buyer is contemplating submitting an offer, I would encourage you to try your best you can to grant that showing during the time in which they would like to see your home for the second time.

Another thing about showings is to never speculate that a Buyer is or is not interested in your home based on how long they stay at the home. I’ve seen Buyers spend very little time at a home and then submit an offer. I’ve also seen Buyers stay a very long time, come back for even a second showing and then decide on another home. Buyers are very unpredictable in this respect.