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Dianne Meyer

Why Only $2,295

I get asked this question all the time.  There are two very good and logical reasons why I discount my listing fee.  For one, 6% listing fees have been around forever – long before the Internet and technology that has made our job as a real estate agent a whole lot less time consuming and costly.

The second reason is, I am my own Employing Broker which means I hold the highest license issued in real estate, and I don’t have to work for any brokerage office.  I am also computer savvy and I do not need an assistant to help me.

I also do not work with Buyers unless they are past clients, referrals or a Seller who would like for me to also sell them a home. This cuts out an enormous amount of time for me to handle only work related to selling.

For these reasons, I am able to charge less but you certainly won’t receive less in service.  In fact, you are likely to receive more service.  My many Zillow Reviews are testament to this. Below are a lot of the costs associated with working for an office and is the primary reasons that other Agents have to charge higher fees.

  • Franchise Fees
  • Office Commission Splits
  • Relocation Fee Splits
  • Referral Fee
  • Desk Fee
  • Assistant Salary
  • Unnecessary Advertising (generally for the purpose of promoting the agent, not your home).