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Dianne Meyer

Zillow and Other Website Listings

Zillow . . It’s important to let you know a few things I have discovered with Zillow.  First, Zillow seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. Everything can be accurate and then one day, it’s showing more or less bathrooms or bedrooms than before. It has nothing to do with what I have input since this primarily drawn from the MLS listing when syndicated to Zillow. If you discover something like this, please let me because I have found that if I go into my back office for Zillow for my listing, I can simply pull up the information, re-save it and it seems to correct the problem each time. In addition, any price change or status update can only be updated by Zillow receiving the new information from the MLS once I update the MLS.

Other Websites . . Because your listing is shared with so many other websites, it’s impossible to know how often and when they update information. Often times I get calls from Sellers whereby they are looking at some obscure website that is drawing listings from the MLS and posting them to their websites. The problem comes in when an edit is made to the MLS listing or a status change such as pending and these websites have not updated the information.  Please keep in mind, I have control only with the MLS, Zillow and  Those websites make our listings available to us to edit and update.  I have no control over the countless other websites that have obtained your listing information.