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Chicagoland Real Estate Deal Maker Sessions

“DEAL MAKER SESSIONS” is a showcase for local real estate investors who will quickly appreciate a setting without the influence of speakers, guru’s and lateral businesses hawking their services for sale. We do not sell books, tapes and...

The Divine Power of Vowel Sounds and Mantras

Chicago Rosicrucians - Nefertiti Lodge

1. Definition and Origin of Vowel Sounds2. Vedic and Buddhist approaches3. Practice and intonation of Rosicrucian Vowel sounds4. Practice and chanting of Sanskrit, Hindu, Tibetan / Buddhist Mantras Every Thursday, Nefertiti Lodge hosts an open...

Dreams by the Beach

Metaphysical Awakenings

Dreams are messages from the Soul that aide us in deepening our understanding of our true Selves. Join students and teachers from the School of Metaphysics to learn about dreams, discuss dreams, and have your dream interpreted! There are several...