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Whether you’re a first home buyer or purchasing  an investment property here in Silicon Valley, I’ll make a very serious commitment to you to perform services on your behalf. My Buyer Services Guarantee assures you of the highest quality representation you’ll find anywhere in the real estate market.

Step 1 – Understanding your needs
I first seek to understand you… your wants, your hopes, your needs and your dreams. At this initial meeting we will also outline the remainder of the buying process.

Step 2 – Get Pre-Approved

A pre-approval letter is an important step in preparing to purchase a home. Having this letter will let a seller know that you are serious, ready, willing, and able to purchase their property. This is also an opportunity to find out what loan programs are available to you that will meet your short and long term financial plans and needs.

Step 3 – Finding your home

We will work with you to find homes that are great matches based on your specific criteria. Whether we find the perfect home in one weekend or over a year I am  committed to finding the right property for you.

Step 4 – Making an Offer

After finding a home that suits you, I will help you structure an offer that takes into account your unique circumstances, what I know about the sellers situation, the market, and any other information that leverages your negotiating position.

Step 5 – Negotiating the sale

If the seller counter-offers I will make sure you understand your options and help you analyze each counter offer if one is received and and guide you through the negotiation phase protecting your best interests.

Step 6 – Monitoring the sale

In California, virtually all real estate transactions include Title and Escrow companies. These are neutral third parties that are included in the transaction from the time the purchase agreement is accepted until title is transferred to the buyer. Escrow is a temporary deposit of assets, such as funds and documents that are handled with a neutral third party. This third party contributes to the management of finalizing the transaction. Monies are released and title is transferred only after the conditions of the contract between the Buyer and Seller have been met.

Step 7 – Turn in keys –  Congratulations – Welcome to your new home !