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Do We Need a Weekly Topic?
4-24-18 5:00 pm - Baldini's Sports Casino
Chronic Pain Support Meetup

Nine times out of ten, we don't get to our weekly topic. This is mostly due to the widely rotating nature of our attendance due to daily health among us. My question is, as a personal discussion group do we need a specific topic every week? We...

Mindful Movement Yoga
4-24-18 5:00 pm - Baldini's Sports Casino
Community Yogi ~ Reno

• What we'll doWake up and start the day with some Mindful Movement! Start with some Guided Meditation to calm the Body & Mind followed by Asanas to awaken and bring awareness back into the Body! • What to bringYoga mat and any comfort needs...

Game Night at Baldini’s
4-24-18 5:00 pm - Baldini's Sports Casino
Reno Area Tabletop

Game Night at Baldini’s The Tuesday Boardgamers of Reno Night at Baldini’s Casino offers the largest open play area in the Truckee Meadows. The 2nd floor Sierra Room at Baldini’s offers large tables, plenty of seating, and no set closing...

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