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Chino Hills New Community – Vila Borba

Vila Borba is located west and east of Butterfield Ranch Road, near Pine Avenue.

Vila Borba, which comprises 336 acres, has been designated by the City for residential and commercial development since the City’s incorporation.  In 1996, the City approved a General Plan Amendment and Zone Change, allowing low and medium residential and commercial land uses.  The new Vila Borba project proposes detailed development plans for the entire 336 acres, consistent with the 2006 City approvals.

The Vila Borba project contains four planning areas that would include the following:

  • (Planning Area 1): 183 single-family homes, 5+ acres of public park.
  • (Planning Area 2): 19 single-family homes.
  • (Planning Area 3): 149 single-family homes.
  • (Planning Area 4): 280 high-density homes, 5 acres of commercial


At this time, (Planning Area 1) is currently being graded for construction of 183 single-family homes.  The model homes and the 5-acre Community Park are anticipated to be developed in 2015.  Potential buyers are encouraged to contact the Standard Pacific sales representative for additional information.  (Planning Area 4) was originally approved for 280 high-density homes and 5 acres of commercial development; however, new applications/plans have been submitted to change the zoning and land use designation for entire site to residential in order to allow 95 condominiums and 68 townhomes.  No plans have been submitted for (Planning Area 2) and (Planning Area 3).


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