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Testimonials from our TEAM

“I used to just do as much as I can in a year, now with a target to hit, I’ve quadrupled my business.”

“At Red Door I received a customized business plan that was unique, simple and kept me focused on what needed to get done in order to reach my goal.”

“I was afraid to pick up the phone but with Red Door’s workshops I’m now looking forward to booking appointments”

“My previous broker would do it for me so I never became self reliant with presentations & contracts. With Red Door Coaching I was able to shadow, role play & practice until I could present like a pro.”

 “Red Door Coaching keeps me accountable every week”

“Jared is a great mentor and is always available for advice, knowledge and support.”

“It was hard to get the individual training and support I needed when I was constantly stuck in a classroom. Red Door’s shadow training brought me 3 deals in 3 weeks!”

“Even though I didn’t need to sell as many houses to make the same amount Red Door showed me how I could sell more.”

“I didn’t realize how many things I was doing that were a waste of time until I stopped doing them.”

“This in-depth, hands-on video training helped further align my actions with my goals in helping businesses to expand locations and create more jobs while generating more tax revenue for reinvestment back into improving infrastructure for the Capital Region and beyond.  Thank you for being an awesome real estate mentor and visionary leader sharing this amazing opportunity to dictate our own future, Jared Schutz!”

“With OK GO Marketing I can spend more time with my friends and family.”

“I met Jared 8 years ago when I decided to search for my first home. He was patient and helpful and his dedication to serve me as a client and put my needs first was evident throughout the process. Jared’s honesty and professionalism made it easy to go work for him when I decided to start a career in real estate. Jared’s strong work ethic has taught me so much about being a realtor. He is accessible night or day to help with any issues that should arise. Jared strives to better his agents and allows them to be as successful as they want to be. His integrity is strongly reflected in the brand he has built.”

Jay Walsh
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Red Door Realty NY

“Jared Schutz, Broker/Owner is a true professional that is self-driven and highly motivated.  He is thorough, honest, conscientious, persistent, and has a great compassion for his agents, clients and their needs.  He is a great mentor and is always available for advice, knowledge and support.  Jared always considers the best interests of others.  It is with extreme confidence that I recommend Jared.”

Linda Faber
Associate Broker, CBR
Red Door Realty NY

“I have been a Realtor for the past 10 years and have worked for multiple companies […] Jared Schutz, owner of Red Door Realty (recently merged with Pinnacle Realty) has been someone who provides a positive and stable environment during a time of multiple changes.  Does research before making decisions. Even merged, our company is small enough that Jared can know each agent individually, and through individual meetings has attempted to provide individual goal setting, and attention to allow us the necessary support to meet our goals.  Jared regularly shares leads/referrals, offers phone duty opportunities, has purchased into programs increasing our leads and productivity.  I have found that my own productivity and renewed enthusiasm has increased my own business since Red Door Realty has merged.

As a company, we are all learning how to best utilize services (both free and paid) and resources so that Red Door Realty continues it’s path towards success. In addition to Jared’s obvious enthusiasm, other employees have been very supportive of each other; no one hesitates to attend each other’s Broker’s Opens, provide open and honest feedback about listings, and hold each other accountable to assist with individual’s success & thus the company’s.

I would not hesitate to recommend working with Jared Schutz and Red Door Realty to further your career as a Realtor.  It’s an awesome place to work!”

Kelly Evans-Chandler
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Red Door Realty NY

“Jared Schutz is everything you could ask for in a boss and a broker. He has the experience and drive necessary for aggressive growth, he’s incredibly knowledgeable about the industry and is always up to date on current events, he is an outstanding teacher, and on top of that he’s just a really great guy to be around. He genuinely cares about his team and is always available for support or advice. I am proud to work for Jared and be a part of the Red Door family.”

Jodie Hunt
Operations Manager
Red Door Realty NY

“Had a great time learning philosophies, strategies, and team dynamics with Red Door Realty NY while in NYC. I can honestly say, I have interviewed almost every notable broker within our area and still stand by my decision that I picked the best one. The dynamic at Red Door Realty NY is one of a kind where we truly support each other to realize our personal and team goals. “
So with that said, it is my goal for 2018 to be the top salesperson at our office. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, back to work 😉
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Craig Lehman
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Red Door Realty NY

“I  worked previously at Keller Williams Saratoga and  Pinnacle Realty prior to the Red Door acquisition. I can tell you that the family atmosphere that broker Jared Schutz has created is the #1 reason I’m here. My background includes working for a REIT in Manhattan, and working for JP CHASE as a commercial real estate lender. I’ve been there and done the big corporate gig. At Red Door,  Jared has taken technology to a new level and has given us the tools and support to make us the best agents we can be. In just a few short months, we have become a team in every sense of the word. While competition is a key part of the real estate sales business, within our firm we support each other and make each other better. I highly recommend working at Red Door, it’s a fun and happy place!”