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    Black Forest Trail North Loop 22.6 miles. 3400 elevation.

    Adventure Junkie Hiking

    North Loop of the Black Forest trail - 22.6 miles 3500 total elevation. Lots and Lots of beautiful Vistas to see. I've been wanting to do this for some time. Have not decided yet if I'm going to do clockwise or counter. I plan on starting at...

    Ping Pong @ Diplomacy

    Ping Pong Forever

    •What we'll doInviting all ping pong lovers to meetup. Feel free to drop in during the event time. $5 is drop-in fee for all. You are free to play longer games. We just ask that you be courteous and switch with other players, if they are...

    Please READ DESCRIPTION! FREE (league) Men Singles Spring season start now!

    West Chester Tennis Swat

    Free to join! It will start right now and end on July 1st (Monday) so you can register now. If you already sign up last year then you don't have to register again, all you gotta do is to just log back in again and rejoin the ladder! If you never...