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    Stroke Of The Week

    Social Tennis of Rockville and Olney (NTRP 3.0 and Above)

    For a small group willing to start early on Sundays, will start a rotation of different tennis strokes every week to break down and focus on technique. Due to the nature of this being less active than the skills and drills meetup that follows,...

    Sunday Skills and Drills

    Social Tennis of Rockville and Olney (NTRP 3.0 and Above)

    • What we'll do For those who would like to have fun with skills, drills, and rally practice - this one is for you! We will conduct organized drills for 60-90 minutes followed by some competitive play. Let's have some fun before the afternoon...

    Play some pickup soccer

    Bethesda Pick Up Soccer

    Same rules as always. Carry a light and dark colored jersey. Play cool. No roughness and no crappy attitude. Everyone is welcome to play. You are welcome to contribute to the meetup by using the chip in option.

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