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Nicole Shuba
  • Community Events

    Meet for fellowship and discussion
    5-26-19 7:00 pm - Archive Coffee & Bar
    Freethinking Atheists of Salem

    We meet for fellowship and respectful discussion about being non-believers of religion in a mostly religious society, sharing our personal struggles with this, related current events, how to talk respectfully to believers, related science, and...

    Sunday Fun Day
    5-26-19 7:00 pm - Archive Coffee & Bar
    Salem Asians

    Hello new and old friends! To some of you who have joined our group yet never met face to face, this is a good time to come and say hi. Every Sunday we can watch a movie, order some food or bring yours to share, play mahjong (our favorite :)),...

    Conversation and Connection Night
    5-26-19 7:00 pm - Archive Coffee & Bar
    Connected Conversations - Salem

    We hunger for those conversations we get lost in. This group is about asking questions and learning by experiencing connection. What does it take to move beyond small talk? How can we be more confident? How can we guide a conversation to...

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