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Avoid Foreclosure

We have a valuable service for homeowners facing foreclosure …Please act now! Ortega Real Estate has the solutions and information you need!

If your house is going to auction and you don’t know what to do, please call me ASAP! We help homeowners in distress that need trusted advice and counsel about the real estate foreclosure process. I know your situation may seem bleak and you feel confused and trapped by your situation, that’s why you’re here looking for answers. You want to be sure that whomever you reach out to will be able to understand your situation and give honest and reliable information. I’ll explain everything about the process and your options, I really strive to make simple and easy as possible. Please take a minute and look at some recent testimonials from satisfied clients. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years and I seen and heard just about everything. I know how to get to the right people and stop the sale of your house at auction.

Ortega Real Estate has built a reputation as a leader in foreclosure assistance. I have helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure. I want you to have some peace of mind knowing you have the very best person working for you. We can stop the foreclosure sale, but only if you contact us now. Time is critical in these situations and the sooner you act the better. You can rest assured your situation will improve after working with us, we’ve helped so many homeowners avoid foreclosure, sell their home, and continue on to their new location and lives.

Free Consultation and No Upfront Fees!

Please call me toll free at 512-836-6709 for your FREE Consultation. There are no upfront fees, in fact, if you qualify, some programs will pay the homeowners to move after they complete the complete short sale!

Trust and Security

The last thing you need is to work with a shady company offering vague, often nonexistent terms. Ortega Real Estate protects your privacy and sensitive information. . I treat every Short Sale situation as if it’s my own, and I strive to make the process smooth, easy and confidential while maintaining honesty and integrity. You can be sure you’re working with a company you can trust!

Comprehensive Service

We do more than call your bank or field calls from potential buyers. We guide you through the whole process, from preparing your papers to closing the sale, and even afterwards. We take the time to understand your needs and customize my service to give you the best possible results.

You Made The Right Choice!

I understand that sometimes bad things can happen to good people and my mission is to help you the homeowner prevent foreclosure. By preventing foreclosure I will put you in a situation where you may be able to purchase another home in 18 to 36 months rather than 7 -10 years with a foreclosure. By choosing to work with Ortega Real Estate you’re making the right decision and you’re preventing your home from foreclosure and becoming part of the growing problem of bank owned properties. We will do everything in our power to help you get through this, you’re not alone. No matter how difficult your situation we can help!

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