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As you are nearing the closing date, you will want to let the local utility companies know the date you are moving to get the utilities out of your name on the date of close. If you home is heated with oil you will want to obtain a final oil reading so that you can be reimbursed at closing for the oil remaining in the tank.

The following items are required in Massachusetts from the Seller in order to close:

  • Smoke Certificate – up to two months prior to close you will need to have the Fire Department come to test your Smoke and Carbon Alarms to be sure they are up to date and in working order. There are different rules depending on the age and size of your home and whether your alarm system is hardwired or not. I suggest consulting your local Fire Department for the specific rules for your home before they come out. Each Town will charge a fee to test and some will charge again if your home fails the first time and they need to come back out. The average cost is $50, but the fee varies by town. The original smoke certificate will need to be given to the Closing Attorney prior to close.
  • Final Water Reading– This will need to be done within a day or two of closing. There is a fee for this plus any water usage. The paid water Bill will need to be given to the Closing Attorney prior  to the closing.
  • Title V Certificate– If you have a Private Septic System you will need to get a Title V Inspection prior to closing. I recommend that you get this done as early as possible preferably before you put your home on the market. This way if you were to have to make any fixes you will know about it before you accept an offer and can inform the potential Buyers of any work that was needed. For example, if you need an entire new septic system it can run anywhere from $20,000-$30,000+ so you may want to reflect some of that in the price of the house and advertise that a new septic system has been installed.  Contact  Rachel Bodner  of Coldwell Banker to answer any questions or to inquire about selling your home and obtaining top $!