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Your home is ready for market and has never looked better! It is now time now to make sure we get the most potential Buyers in to see it. A strong Marketing Strategy should consist of multiple ways to reach the most people in the shortest amount of time. Internet Marketing, Direct Mail, Open Houses and Print Media should all be included. It is important to work with an Agent with lots of experience in these areas.  I have over 30 years of experience in Marketing, Managing and Promoting, Multi-Million Dollar Businesses including Real Estate since 2003.

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Although not the strongest tool to sell your home, I still believe that Direct Mail can help on a limited basis to get your home in front of those that may not be actively searching for a home but that may know someone who is.

When I first list your home, I will send out a card letting people in the neighborhood, surrounding streets, as well as a targeted group of people knows about your home and that it is now on the market. Although many of these homeowners may not be in the market to find a home, they may know of someone who is. Many times people want their friends to move nearby and in past years I have sold homes that I have listed through neighbors and friends in town who have received my “Just Listed” cards.


With close to 92% of Home Buyers using the internet as a part of their home search, a strong online marketing program is essential to generate the largest possible demand for your home.

When I first place your home on the market in MLS (The Multiple Listing Service) it will be seen immediately by those Buyers who are actively looking and have been set up on MLS through their Realtor. This system is used by those Buyers that are serious about finding a home and want daily updates about those homes that fit their needs. (For more information about the MLS System, or to get set up on MLS,  CLICK HERE to go to the “Contact Us” section of the website and fill in your information or call or text Rachel at 1-(978)-505-1466.

Once your property is on MLS it may take 1-3 days to download to 20+ Real Estate sites including Zillow,, Trulia and and many more including a front page spot on this site!  Coldwell Banker pays a large fee each year to have a dominant presence with many of the best-known real estate websites.

I have also chosen to take it a step further and participate in a program to have all my listings optimized within these websites. Should a potential Buyer have a question about a home I have listed, they can click a button on many of the sites and I will be called immediately to answer their questions. The system allows me to engage Buyers while they are most interested in your home, answer their questions and get them in to see it ASAP! Buyers are amazed at the quick response time and I have sold many homes over the years to Buyers that have called in through this system.


Social Media is another avenue that can be used to get your home exposed to more people. I do find however that it has limited results but I have posted new listings on Facebook and other local blogs where people I know may be frequenting. These people are not necessarily looking to buy but may know someone who is.

Social Media is just one of the many ways to get your home seen by more potential Buyers.


Research has shown that print advertising, such as newspaper and magazine advertisements, is becoming a less desirable vehicle for Buyers. At Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, we still participate in both local newspaper and Boston Globe advertising but on a much more limited basis. A small ad with a picture of your home will run in the local town paper and a listing in the Boston Globe will also appear when your home first comes on the market. It is clear however that very few Buyers are relying on this form of advertising to find their home.

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