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The final walk through usually takes place the day before or the day of your closing. It is a walk through of the home with your Buyers Agent to make sure all looks in order and is as it was at the Home Inspection. If any items were suppose to have been fixed by the Seller, this would be the time to check them if you haven’t already.

The house should be “broom clean” which means it has been swept and none of the Sellers items remain. I always suggest running faucets to make sure there is hot water and checking other items in the home such as the furnace, air conditioning, hot water heater, dishwasher, washer and dryer if included etc. to be sure they are in the same working order as they were at the home inspection.

If a problem arises at this point, a discussion would take place with the Seller to decide the best way to handle it. Many times the Closing Attorney will do what is called a “hold back” which is usually a small amount of money held back from the Sellers proceeds to ensure the Seller will take care of the issue and the closing does not need to be held up. Once the issue is fixed,  the remainder of the money will be given to the Seller.

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