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Once you have an accepted offer the Home Inspection will usually take place within 7-10 days. This date will be stated clearly on the offer and it is the date in which the Buyer will need to get back to you to let you know of any issues that they may want you to help take care of. Buyers should not be using Home Inspections as a negotiation tool but only to bring up any safety or large issues that they may not have known about when they made the offer. It is these issues that Buyers will ask for help from the Seller either asking them to get the items fixed prior to closing or requesting a credit or reduction in price.

In Massachusetts, it is not required for a Seller to fill out a Sellers Disclosure form however we do recommend it. This is your chance as a Seller to disclose any issues you may know about. We ask the Buyer to sign the document at the time of the offer. This form serves as acknowledgement that the Buyers are aware of the issues disclosed in the home and it is therefore understood that these items will not be brought up after the Home Inspection for the Seller to fix.

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