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Most Home Inspection contingencies allow for the Home Inspection to take place within 7-10 days of the offer. This date will be stated clearly on the offer and it is the date that you as a Buyer will need to get back to the Seller to let them know of any issues that you may want the Sellers help with. Home Inspections should not be used to get a lower price on the home, but they could be used to bring up safety issues or larger issues that you were unaware of at the time of the offer.

Many times but not always, the Home Owners will fill out a Seller’s Disclosure on the property and disclose issues with the home in addition to other information. The Seller’s Disclosure is not mandatory in Massachusetts but if available should be signed by both parties at the time of the offer and acknowledges that the Buyer has read the report and understands the issues. The items on the report are usually not items that the Seller would be willing to fix because they were disclosed up front. As a Buyer, you should keep these issues in mind when making your offer.

A Home Inspection is a great time to learn all you can about the maintenance of the home since the Inspectors are knowledgeable about the home’s systems and the best ways to maintain them.

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