Rachel Bodner
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Whether you are looking to sell immediately or not for a few years, many people are anxious to know what their home is worth in today’s market. The first step is to set up a time for an Agent to tour your home.

When I meet for the first time with potential Sellers I will walk through their home with them and take notes on what improvements they may have made since moving in. This is not only important to determine value but also for when I draft a Listing Sheet.  I will want to include the recent updates so that the Buyers know what improvements the current Seller has made.

If interested, I will give the Seller suggestions as to what items may make sense to freshen up or improve. This will vary by Seller depending on the current condition of the home and how much the Seller would be willing to do if proven to be a good investment. In general, I have found that Buyers will estimate items to cost considerably more than they do, so having certain things done prior to coming to market will many times increase your asking price and make it sell more quickly.

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