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What Mortgage Options Are Available to You? Listen to This Week’s ‘Open House’ Recap!

On this week’s ‘Open House with Team Reba’ radio show, Reba and Eric discuss recent changes in the mortgage market, options available to you, case studies, and current events affecting the real estate and mortgage markets. Take a listen below! Like the show? Listen every Tuesday at 3pm on KKOL 1300AM where you can stream it live.  […]


The Pros and Cons of Portable Storage Companies

If you have a sizable collection of furniture and belongings, then you’ve probably already been faced with the dreaded thought of having to move all those things. Portable storage companies combine the notion of storage units and moving services into one simple concept. Maybe you’re doing a major renovation and have to store furniture while […]


Crucial Steps to Planning a Successful Remodel

There are many different approaches to starting a remodeling project. Hopefully we can make it easy with this short checklist of tasks to accomplish before taking the plunge into a remodeling project. There are six crucial steps to beginning your remodeling project. Read below to find out more about each one and how crucial it […]


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