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New Listing in Wallingford!

Take a look at our wonderful new listing in Wallingford! 1618 N 48th St, Seattle. Open this Friday 2-4pm & Sat 1-4pm. More photos, 3D floorplan, and information atĀ


How to Secure the Best Loan for You

For most of us, shopping for a new home also means shopping for a home mortgage. In both exercises, you’ll want to be a smart shopper. By working together, we can find a house you’ll love. And while it’s not likely that you’ll actually love your new mortgage, here are 6 secrets to make sure […]


3 Things We Can Learn From Celebrity Home Design

Take a second to Google any celebrity. It’s OK. We’ll wait. They’re beautiful and worth millions, blah, blah, blah. But did you get a gander at the house they just built? It’s got three stories and two indoor pools, and the entire west-facing wall is made of glass. Wouldn’t it be great if you could […]


3 Tax Implications That Arise When You Sell Your Home

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when selling a home. All you’re focused on is whether you’ll meet your asking price. Yet, if you aren’t taking into consideration the tax implications of selling your home, you may be making a huge mistake. Here’s what you need to consider before you sell. 1. You Pay Lower […]


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