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Tips for Creating a Minimalist Home Gym

Minimalism is a trend that we hope sticks around for a while. It not only declutters your home, but also it makes budget decorating that much easier. Every item has to be carefully considered for its design and utility. If you want to create a home gym using minimalism as a guide, these five tips […]


Brian Morris of Renton City Comicon!

On today’s ‘Open House with Team Reba’ radio show, we’re joined by Brian Morris, one of the key volunteers/coordinators of Renton City Comicon (RenCon), which happens on Sept 16-17th. Renton City Comic Con AKA RenCon is a celebration for comic book geeks, technophiles, cosplayers, and nerds of all ages! It is a place where you can buy […]


How to Turbocharge Your Garage

Too many people take their garages for granted and don’t consider ways to improve them. In fact, an updated garage can be a great place to store tools and other gadgets, making this oft-forgotten space a useful storage area. Whether you park your cars in the garage or just use it as a storage space […]


4 Ways to Be More Energy Efficient at Home

Everyone is looking to save on their home’s energy costs, but many people do not know where to start or what steps to take to get the most bang for their buck. These four tips can be a great starting point for increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency Tip No. 1: Insulate your walls […]


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