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3 Things We Can Learn From Celebrity Home Design

Take a second to Google any celebrity. It’s OK. We’ll wait. They’re beautiful and worth millions, blah, blah, blah. But did you get a gander at the house they just built? It’s got three stories and two indoor pools, and the entire west-facing wall is made of glass. Wouldn’t it be great if you could […]


3 Tax Implications That Arise When You Sell Your Home

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when selling a home. All you’re focused on is whether you’ll meet your asking price. Yet, if you aren’t taking into consideration the tax implications of selling your home, you may be making a huge mistake. Here’s what you need to consider before you sell. 1. You Pay Lower […]


5 Lawn Care Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Yard

Everyone wants a lawn covered with lush green grass and verdant plants. But what mistakes are preventing you from achieving this? Read on to learn about some common lawn care mistakes and how to prevent them.  1. Cutting Grass Too Short Experts advise cutting off no more than 30 percent of the grass blade in […]


Tips for Creating a Minimalist Home Gym

Minimalism is a trend that we hope sticks around for a while. It not only declutters your home, but also it makes budget decorating that much easier. Every item has to be carefully considered for its design and utility. If you want to create a home gym using minimalism as a guide, these five tips […]


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