Team Reba

Team Reba
Who You Work With Matters

Author: Reba Haas

The Perfect Kid-Friendly Yard

Sending the kids outside to play is a time-honored tradition for American families. Many people were raised with plenty of time in their yards to get dirty before coming indoors for dinner. If you want to give your kids a safe and fun place to play in your own yard, what should you consider? Here […]

Keep Your Home Safe for Pets

We don’t always think about our homes in terms of pet safety. We will childproof a home for a toddler, but puppies and kittens are just as good at finding trouble. There are several hazards in your home that could pose a threat to your pet, so it’s a good idea to take some time […]

MyKabin: Tom Todaro, Co-founder, and Katie Nichols, Sales & Marketing

On this week’s episode, Reba and Eric meet with the team from MyKabin, a fantastic company that is simplifying the process of building backyard cottages in Seattle. They met with Tom Todaro, Co-founder, and Katie Nichols, Sales & Marketing. In July, the Seattle City Council made it easier to build accessory dwelling units. MyKabin aims to […]

5 Smart Home Upgrades Worth the Money

Smart technology is more popular today than ever before. Smart assistants, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, give information on demand, even faster than a regular internet search can. Smart speakers aren’t the only way to incorporate smart technology into your home. The “internet of things” is expanding, and there are a few smart […]

Setting Expectations in Real Estate Transactions, and Quality of Agents

On the latest episode of ‘Open House with Team Reba’, Reba and Eric discuss setting expectations in real estate transactions, and the quality of agents. In Washington State there are approx. 30,000 real estate agents. Of them, only a small percentage complete more than 2 transactions per year. What that means is that of those […]

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