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CARE Philosophy

The Team Reba C.A.R.E. Philosophy

C – Conduct. When you work with Team Reba members you can expect a professional, prompt and enthusiastic experience. We strive to set an example in our industry of strong ethics and competency. 

It starts with our first interaction where we work to truly understand the client’s needs and runs all the way through bow we handle interactions with other agents during negotiations and through to closing. Our customers will always sense the professionalism we bring to each interaction.

A – Advocacy. We believe that our role in real estate starts with how we advocate for each individual client, but it also extends to how we work tirelessly to provide education to the general public. That’s why you’ll see us deeply involved in our communities, in the Realtor organization and similar, like Rental Housing Association, advocating for property rights, and providing numerous educational opportunities via classes, our radio program Open House with Team Reba, social media posts, individual client interactions and more. We don’t look at this industry in a transactional way so we integrate ourselves deeply into it, becoming a student of the industry knowing that someday, somewhere a client will need those nuggets of knowledge we cultivate. But the most important part of advocacy is communication. If we dont truly understand what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, or if we can’t visualize that “perfect home” we cant do our job correctly. Being a true advocate means listening intently to your needs, making you a priority, and asking questions for clarity. This truly is an advisory role we play, and we take it very seriously while still making the transaction fun and interactive.

R – Representation. It’s our mission to provide the best representation possible for our clients. No matter which side of the negotiation you’re on, you can count on us to work tirelessly towards your goals. We believe that dual agency comes with inherent conflict of interest when the parties are not related so we avoid it whenever possible.  Over the years our clients have often mentioned in their reviews that it’s been our negotiating skills that made all the difference in their transaction closing successfully and to their satisfaction. Often to their great delight, I might add. We welcome people who are considering our team to go read our reviews and see that there is a difference in how we think, strategize, communicate and negotiate on our client’s behalf. Purchasing real estate, especially in this part of the world, is an expensive endeavor. You can’t leave it to chance and you shouldn’t treat it like buying a t-shirt, looking just for the best deal. 

E – Excellence. We believe strongly that you should expect your real estate broker to strive for excellence throughout the interaction. Our team has spent years integrating corporate processes and systems into how we do business so that our clients get a seamless experience. One where problems and issues are found or anticipated and they’re quickly squelched or solved. It’s why we are a team so that each member can provide focused and targeted services to our customers at just the right time within the process. It also allows us to specialize knowledge and tasks to free up our licensees to spend quality time with each buyer and seller as needed. It’s our goal each time we meet with a new client to have them looking forward to providing us with yet another 5-star review by the end of their time working with us. We also spend a lot of time coaching and training our team so that our knowledge base is broader than the typical agent or team you may run across. 

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