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Case Study #5

Case Study

You CAN buy under the asking price in Seattle… with the right agent!

We’re so happy to have helped our wonderful clients Dave and Taryn find their dream home, and negotiate an accepted offer price that was well below asking.

This gorgeous Madrona home was pending with another buyer, but fell out of contract due to financing. The moment it did, Team Reba swooped in and put an offer on the table. We negotiated a home inspection and a sewer scope inspection, which is unusual for new construction, but standard practice for us. What we found was that the builder connected the sewer system to two adjacent properties (which is not an uncommon practice), and that there were cracks in those sewer lines. The estimate for repair came in at a whopping $57,000 for all three homes. We were able to use this as leverage to negotiate $19,000 off the listing price (thus covering 1/3 of the sewer repair cost being shared with the two other homeowners). In addition, we negotiated the price down another $15,950, for a total of $34,950 off the listing price.

Compare that type of service to what you get at a discount brokerage, and you can see why people put their trust in Team Reba. This is another case where used our C.A.R.E. philosophy to advocate on behalf of the buyer, to insist on inspections, and represent our clients interests successfully!

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