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Episode #155 – Steve Tockey, Principal Consultant at Construx

On this week’s episode of “Open House with Team Reba”, Reba and Eric welcomed Steve Tockey, Principal Consultant at Construx, which is a local software development best practices firm. Steve consults on active development projects and teaches software requirements, design, quality, and software project management. Together they discuss best practices in the tech industry, and Steve’s […]

Episode #144 – Changes in Washington Real Estate & Financing

On this week’s episode of ‘Open House with Team Reba”, we discuss changes in real estate happening nationwide and locally. Listen in for a really informative talk on what you can expect! And as always, Eric starts out the show with your mortgage financing update. Click here for the latest episode Tune in or stream […]

Is This Your Situation: Concerned About Preplanning?

Purchasing a home is a big investment that requires a lot of planning. It’s important to take the proper steps to ensure that your homebuying process is easy and stress-free. But not only that: Did you know that preplanning will actually help you save money on your home purchase? Keep reading to find out how […]

The Perfect Kid-Friendly Yard

Sending the kids outside to play is a time-honored tradition for American families. Many people were raised with plenty of time in their yards to get dirty before coming indoors for dinner. If you want to give your kids a safe and fun place to play in your own yard, what should you consider? Here […]

What’s Over Your Head?

No roof lasts forever, and if it’s time to replace yours, give a lot of thought to how best to do it. Notice the wear and tear on your neighbors’ roofs over time to help figure out which materials are durable and look good on houses like yours. Observation is a great tool — and […]

5 Lawn Care Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Yard

Everyone wants a lawn covered with lush green grass and verdant plants. But what mistakes are preventing you from achieving this? Read on to learn about some common lawn care mistakes and how to prevent them.  1. Cutting Grass Too Short Experts advise cutting off no more than 30 percent of the grass blade in […]

Keep Your Backyard Bearable With These Cooling Features

Porches and beautifully decorated outdoor spaces are incredible places where you can enjoy the summer. However, sometimes the summer heat can be just a little too much. Combat the heat this summer and keep nice and cool by adding some of these heat solutions to your backyard landscape. Misters Misters have long been used to […]

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