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Ask These 6 Questions Before Switching Utility Providers

Utility providers are an essential part of modern life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose which ones you deal with. To make sure you are getting the best services at the best price, ask the following questions:

1. Why Do You Want to Switch? Perhaps the most important question that will lead you to your other questions is simply, why do you want to switch your utility provider in the first place? This is important to fully understand so that in your search for a new provider you can properly determine whether it will solve the current issue or issues that you are experiencing.

2. Who Are the Providers in Your Area? While you may be unhappy with your current provider, there may only be a select few options for providers in your area, so it is important to make sure you know who they all are. In addition to knowing who they all are, gathering some other information on them will help you understand whether they can really deliver the service you are looking for.

3. What Do Family and Friends Advise? Family, friends and especially neighbors are the ones to ask about their thoughts on their current provider. Once you know who the providers in your area are and have researched them a bit on your own, it is important to get insight and reviews from people who use them. A good source for this is your neighbors, as they would most likely receive the same service as you because they live in the same location. Ask them how their providers support them, whether they are easy to work with in case of an issue, and what the cost is.

4. Is There a Contract? For some utility providers, there could be a possible contract involved that would lock you in for a certain period. If you do not plan to switch again within that time frame, this may not concern you, but if you want flexibility it is important to understand this, as it could result in a high penalty for breaking the contract.

5. What Type of Support Is Provided? If you are unhappy with your current provider, it may be because customer support is unsatisfactory. Not only might the service be poor, but it’s difficult to get problems resolved. So if you’re switching, it is important you know that your future provider will give the support you are looking for and be able to meet your expectations.

6. What Is the Cost Difference? One of the biggest factors for switching could be that the cost is rising too much. Before switching, it is important to understand the cost differences between the various options. It is also important to make sure you are looking at additional fees as well as the overall rate for the utility. Any additional fees should be weighed heavily, as they could push the cost higher than expected.

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