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6 Kitchen Renovation Trends

Throughout history, the kitchen has always been a gathering spot for friends and family. It once contained the hearth fires, which were the heartbeat of the home. Today, it’s where everyone gathers when there’s a party. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, it may help to consider some of the latest trends in kitchen design.

Colorful Cabinets
White cabinets are on their way out, and black or darker colors are in. In fact, we’re seeing more colored cabinets than ever before. A rich blue, for instance, can really make your kitchen pop. Or you may want to opt for a charcoal gray that’s not quite black to give your kitchen an understated elegance.

Simple and Streamlined
Today’s kitchens are embracing the trend toward simplicity. There is generally a simple floor plan with easy-to-use appliance spacing and streamlined cabinets and storage. Open floor plans are still very popular, so it’s easy to integrate a simple kitchen design with the rest of the home.

Quartz Countertops
Quartz still rules when it comes to countertops. Most kitchen renovations are using simpler color palettes for the quartz choices, like mostly black or mostly white. Quartz is very durable and easy to clean, and is especially good for families or when entertaining.

Focus on Storage
Having all the space you need to store your items out of sight is also a big trend in kitchen renovations today. Aside from a few accessories, modern kitchens are designed to be spacious, with and clear areas free from clutter. You will still need your countertop appliances and utensils, so make sure everything has a home.

Open-Concept Cabinets
One trend quickly picking up steam is an open-concept cabinet design. In some cases, this may be interpreted as simple shelves to store your beautiful dishes and glasses. While you can keep the utility items behind closed doors, don’t be afraid to showcase your daily-use plates and mugs.

Multipurpose Islands
Islands are still very popular in kitchen renovations, but they have experienced a makeover. In the past, islands were sometimes double height, providing a table-level workspace. Today, islands are all one height and usually have multiple functions, including storage, and sometimes contain a sink or even the stovetop.

Do you want to know more about the hottest kitchen trends that can add value to your home? Call us today.

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