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What Color Should You Paint Your Front Door?

Everyone agrees that curb appeal is essential. Not only do you want to enjoy the look of your own home, it’s also the first thing potential homebuyers will see. Since your front door is often exposed to the elements, a fresh coat of paint every few years isn’t a bad idea. What color do you choose, and what does your choice say about you? Here are some of the most popular choices.

Bold and Bright

If your homeowner’s association allows it, don’t be afraid to go bold with your front door color. Some popular colors today include orange, turquoise or teal, or even lime green. There are no limits when it comes to bright and bold.

These door colors are especially great in areas with less sunny weather. If you live in a high-rainfall area, a bright sunny color can give you a smile as you approach your home.

Classic Red

Did you know that there is an amazing history behind the color red on a front door? In some places, it meant that travelers were welcome. For others, like the historic town of Savannah, Georgia, a red door meant the house was owned free and clear with no mortgage. Red paint was more expensive, so if you didn’t have a mortgage payment, you could afford it.

Whatever it means to you, red is still an inviting color for a front door. It is classic, welcoming and vibrant enough to stand out.

Black or White

If you want something subtler, you can stick with basic black or clean white. Either is fine, especially if the rest of your house is painted in a bolder color like blue or red.

Black will give your front door more depth and can be a great choice for a solid white building, while a white door will stand out well against a darker-colored home. You can even go with an intermediate hue such as a shade of gray.

Rich Brown 

A brown door is most often solid wood. A stained wood door is a great statement, and you can make it any shade, from light to dark, to match your tastes.

Or, if you already have a painted door but want that rich brown look, select a brown that coordinates well with your house color. Browns can have a lot of undertones, so don’t be afraid to try something fun.

What color should you paint your door if you’re selling your home? Call us today.

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