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5 Tips to Save Money and Conserve Energy

Have you thought about the ways you can save money and energy in your home? It’s easier than you think and doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Some options may have larger upfront costs but will pay for themselves quickly. Here are just a few things you can consider to conserve energy in your home. 

Programmable Thermostat
If your home still has an old-school thermostat, it may be time to upgrade. A programmable thermostat can give you the ability to set times for when the heat or air conditioning goes up or down, depending on your schedule. And you don’t need to do anything — just set and forget. If you want to get really 21st century with it, there are now smart thermostats that you can connect to from your phone and control even when you’re not home.

Ceiling Fans
Something as simple as installing a ceiling fan can help you save energy. It moves air around your home, increasing circulation and allowing your furnace or air conditioner to run less. Ceiling fans aren’t useful only in the summer. Most have a setting for winter, too, which will push the warmer air down, so your heat is more efficient.

Appliances and Fixtures
Many years ago, appliance manufacturers began selling appliances with the sole purpose of efficiency. For example, an energy-efficient dishwasher or washing machine will use less water to get your dishes or clothes clean. And you can also install fixtures to help with water conservation, such as low-flow toilets or showerheads.

Change Your Lightbulbs
Simply changing out your lightbulbs from the old incandescent, or even the more recent fluorescent, can help. Today, LED lightbulbs are much more affordable than they once were, and they use a fraction of the energy. They also last longer, which can help your budget in the long term.

Insulate Your Home
Have you checked out your insulation lately? It’s probably not something you’ve thought about recently, but it’s a good idea to look at what you have to work with. Certain types of insulation are better than others. And some people don’t realize that their home isn’t as efficiently insulated as it could be.

What other ways can you conserve energy and save money at home? Call us to learn more.

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