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Ro (RoAnne) Beets

What’s happening in 2014 Real Estate Market

Things are looking up. Home prices continue to rise as in an average market.  That’s a good thing.  When the value of homes rise on a slow but steady rate that indicates a healthy market.   Too fast means it may be investor driven or specialty driven sales activity.  It’s better when a market rise is affected by several different types of purchasers.  It keeps the overall value in control and is not falsely being driven by what could be short term motion.

So is it a good time to buy?   Absolutely YES- Home values are still  a good value and with interest rates still at long term historic lows it’s a GREAT time to buy.

Is it a good time to sell, again the answer is Yes.   Foreclosures in Lake Havasu and short sale listings are on the decline and although some are still available they are not anywhere near a majority of the inventory  currently available.   Because there aren’t too many of these types of properties available  buyers are not so focused on seeing only foreclosures.   And your homes value has come back up a bit.  Interest rates and new loan programs are getting shy buyers back into the market.  And the end of declining home values gives buyers a sense of safety in purchasing a home in today’s more stable market.

It’s a Win -Win  market for both sides!!


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