Lake Havasu City 's Real Estate Specialist
Ro (RoAnne) Beets

Recommended Lenders

Here  are some lenders who have assisted other clients with successful  mortgages and were recommended by them


Well Fargo Home Loans  Carolyn Michael   928-453-7791 office   928-486-1547 Cell  Email Carolyn

Imortgage  Marshall Massey  623-385-0458 office   602-989-5829 cell       Website        Email Marshall

Mohave State Bank ( local bank)   Jeff Okamura   928-486-5404 cell      Email Jeff

Midwest Financial  Mortgage services  Pat  (Patricia ) Tenney  928-855-0809    800-525-9426   Email Pat


If you need further assistance  about  loan pre-qualifications or need  information about the loan process in general.

Please feel free to contact me at 928-486-4835 Ro Beets/ Selman Real Estate or  Email Ro    I’ll be happy to help in whatever way I can.