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Why is a buyer’s agent FREE to the buyer?

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Thought I would do a quick “did you know” section.  There are often many things that agents sometimes assume everyone knows.  For instance, did you know that the seller pays both the listing agent as well as the buyer agent. This means when you select an agent to represent you, as a buyer, there is no charge to you for your agent’s services. Your buyer’s agent is free for you! There are some agents out there attempting to charge fees to the buyer (they call them transaction fees) but I do not.  To add more understanding, when the seller agrees to a commission rate with his/her listing agent, that is not all for the listing agent.  It typically pays in four ways, and sometimes more if there are other referrals and fees that need paid.  Usually it goes to the listing company who will then pay his/her agent their agreed split as well as to the buyer’s agent’s company who pays their agent the agreed upon split.  So you see, if the seller agrees to a commission, said commission typically pays at least 4 parties, if not more.

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