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How does My Buyer’s Agent get Paid?

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Thought I would do a quick “did you know” section.  There are often many things that agents sometimes assume everyone knows, but maybe we shouldn’t make that assumption.

For instance, DID YOU KNOW that the seller pays both the listing agent as well as the buyer agent?

If you are the seller, and you agree to a percentage with the agent in which to sell your home, that commission does not just go to that listing agent’s company. It is divided out to pay multiple people and companies. So you see, it is up to the seller to pay commission to the buyer’s agent too, and sometimes others involved.

It may seem odd, as a buyer, to get a service that someone else is paying for. For example, if, as a buyer, I am not paying for the service, how can I be sure that my agent is representing me and not the person that is paying him/her? This is part of the reason the buyer’s agreement was created.  It gives peace of mind that your agent is committed to you, despite the buyer not paying the commission.

Agents only get paid when deals close.  There are cases where sellers decide to pull their listing because a job transfer fell through, or the buyer may decide that after seeing what’s available he/she wants to save more money so decides to hold off a few more years. In all such scenarios the agents will NOT receive payment for services rendered. Agents only get paid by their companies when there is a contract, and it closes.  Of course there are some rare exceptions out there where different agreements have been made, but this is the general rule of thumb.

While it is standard that the seller pays all commissions, there could be small transaction fees owed at closing, by either party, but it must be disclosed by the agent. These can range from maybe $100 on up, so make sure you ask. On average, a companies transaction fee probably is around $200, but some don’t have them.


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