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The Listing Process

Listing Your Home

Get an overview of the listing process, and learn how Zsuzsanna will help determine the right asking price for your home..

Once you have decided to sell your home, you’ll want to list your home with Keller Williams and Zsuzsanna. Zsuzsanna will ask you to sign a Listing Agreement – an official document granting Zsuzsanna and Keller Williams permission to represent you in the marketing and sale of your property.

The articles in this section will give you the information you need to know when listing your home with Keller Williams and Zsuzsanna.

How Zsuzanna helps you Sell your Home

Zsuzsanna will save you time and money when selling your home. Find out all the other things a listing agent can do for you, including ordering a property profile, preparing marketing materials, arranging for inspections and reports, following up with open house visitors, reviewing purchase offers, assisting in transferring utilities to the buyer, and more.

Marketing your Home

If you market it, they will come! No matter how attractive your home’s features or asking price, you can’t sell a house without a sound and suitable marketing plan.  Zsuzsanna will put her market expertise to work to give your property maximum exposure, bringing in those coveted buyers.

If you market it, they will come

What if you were selling a house and nobody came to see it?

No matter how attractive the house or the price, your house won’t sell without a marketing plan. The word has to get out to the buying public somehow. Zsuzsanna will draw on her experience and knowledge of the local housing market to develop a detailed marketing plan that will give your property the maximum exposure and attention it deserves.

Zsuzsanna’s marketing plan will include

       Lawn sign

       Open houses

       Newspaper listings

       Newspaper advertisement

       Zillow Featured Listing

       Listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS listings)

       Listing on www.kw.com

       Feature sheet (an open house handout that summarizes the best features of your home)

       Calls to my existing network of contacts and existing sales leads

Of course, your real estate agent may have additional techniques up his sleeve that work best in your particular neighborhood.

When you list with a Zsuzsanna, you will…

       Always know what actions are being taken to sell your home

       Receive regular progress updates

       Be updated on changing housing market conditions

       Be updated on sales of other homes in the area

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  • Latest Zillow Review

    Steller, truly out of this world, experience!

    My husband and I emailed a number of agents for assistance in purchasing a home late Friday afternoon. Within an hour we had already received a response back from Zsuzsanna.

    Following a few short questions Zsuzanna had already mapped out a number of houses in the area and in the price range that we sought out. In that same time frame that she responded back to us, outlined an understanding of what we were looking for, returned with a list of possibilities and even accommodated our pressed schedule and scheduled to meet with us early the next day to review and tour them in person we still had not received even one other agent response.

    This was an impressive start, but Zsuzsanna wowed us even further in person. The very next day we met her and started our tour. She wasn't trying to sell us a house, rather she sought to find a marriage of sorts. She took time to understand what we liked and didn't like about each place. She stayed somewhat quiet that first day as she listened to us. The very next day we met again with a new list of items. We started off the day quickly notating what our top 3 houses were from the previous day. We then set off to tour the next few homes. We were amazed at how quickly she gained an insight into our process and was able to help us articulate and define further what we liked. Narrowing them down because of the closely matched choices became harder. She was doing a phenomenal job. The next two weekends we met again in a similar pattern. Not only were the choices getting closer and closer to what we wanted, but she had already started directing us at other considerations and helped us estimate what the added cost of certain necessary repairs.

    Again, this kind of interaction and care showed us without a doubt that we were working with someone who not only wanted to sell us something, but make us love without a doubt what we bought. Quicker than anyone I know, my husband and I, with Zsuzanna's help, found the house of our dreams. But that wasn't the end of Zsuzsanna's tireless help and care. She was with us throughout the entire process. She helped negotiate a very fair price as well as met and walked with us for each inspection. She ensure nothing was missed.

    I would recommend Zsuzsanna a million times over to anyone looking for a HOUSE, because she will undoubtedly find you a HOME.